Children’s Snacks: Healthy and Delicious Recipes in No Time at All

So, you’ve found yourself in the kitchen at four in the afternoon – but what to make? Enjoy your summer break and keep the whole family happy with these simple treats. Choose from our selection of easy-to-make recipes that even the pickiest children will find irresistible.

The Tastiest: Yogurt and fresh fruit popsicles
Homemade frozen yogurt pops with chunks of fresh fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, kiwis: pick your children’s favorite to ensure they’ll love this teatime treat.
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The Healthiest: Mini oatmeal muffins
You’ll love cooking up these mini oatmeal muffins – they’re like little bites of crunchy, delicious cereal.
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The Fruitiest: Mango and blackberry smoothie
Grab a juicy mango and a handful of blackberries, and you’re practically done. After all, kids can’t resist fruit from a straw.
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The Most Delicious for Vegans: No-bake brownies
Soft, gooey and full of flavor – these no-bake, vegan brownies will please even the most demanding little gourmands.
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The Most American: Homemade peanut butter
Think making your own peanut butter is too complicated? Just take a look at this recipe – you’ll be surprised how incredibly simple it is. Easy for the kids and sure to please.
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The Most Colorful: Seasonal fruit tart
You’ll fall in love with this adorable fruit tart, made from seasonal fruits and ready in a flash. The trick? This tart’s filling requires no cooking time at all. Perfect for little ones who are eager to feast.
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The Best for the Family: Banana bread
A moist cake filled with banana flavor and a bit of peanut butter. You can whip this snack up in an instant – it’s easy to transport and perfect for sharing at picnics.
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The Most Nostalgic: Jam roll
Currant, strawberry or raspberry – choose a jam that everyone will love and enjoy this childhood treat together.
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The Prettiest: Praline chouquettes
An easy, shareable treat that the children will adore.
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The Most Classic: Vanilla and chocolate marble cake
With its delicious, black-and-white ribbons, marble cake is a wonderful, classic snack for the children. This recipe is achievable for mums who are less gifted in the kitchen, too – we promise.
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Translated by G.W.

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